Shotblast Machines and Lines

Designed for cleaning of small products, profiles, sheets and constructions with abrasive material flow. High speed abrasive materials formed by turbines clean and coarsen treated surfaces. Abrasive materials left on of brush and surface of the blower chamber is returned to the general collection and regeneration system which ensures circulation in closed cycle and efficient separation of dust. Dust is sucked into filter therefore working environment is always perfectly clean and satisfies highest requirements.




  • Manufacturing of metal constructions;
  • Manufacturing of different metal products;
  • Manufacturing of construction, agricultural, transportation technique;
  • Manufacturing of containers, tanks and gasbags;
  • Construction and repair of ships;
  • Manufacturing and repair of machines;
  • Energetics and telecommunications;
  • Moulding industry and etc.



  • Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor;
  • Shot blasting machines with hang conveyor;
  • Shot blasting machines with rotating holder;
  • Shot blasting machines with rotating table;
  • Shot blasting machines with rotating rubber or steel band;
  • Shot blasting machines for tubes cleaning;
  • Shot blasting machines for wire and rods cleaning;
  • Shot blasting machines with conveyor made of steel web;
  • Special purpose machines.