Wheel blasting is an airless shot blasting operation where the blasting wheel generates abrasive steam which is targeted at the processing workpiece. As a result, surface in treatment achieves necessary cleanliness and roughness parameters.

Automatic shot blasting is mainly applied in surface preparation and treatment of castings, profiles, sheets, structures and other fabricated products.

The abrasive collection and recovery system ensures closed-loop circulation and efficient dust separation.

Dust is discharged into the filter, so that the working environment is always spotlessly clean and meets the highest standards.

  • Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor
  • Shotblasting machines with overhead conveyor
  • Shotblasting machines with hook
  • Shotblasting machines with rotating belt
  • Shotblasting machines for pipes
  • Shotblasting machines with rotary table
  • Shotblasting machines for drums and gas cylinders
  • Shotblasting machines for wire and rods