We design and manufacture automatic shot-blasting machines according to individual customer requirements

  • Type of roller conveyor
  • Type of overhead conveyor
  • Belt conveyor type
  • Rotary table type
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Cleaning of pressure vessels (cylinders, barrels)
  • Cleaning of wire and rods
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    About shot-blasting machines

    For automatic abrasive blasting of castings, profiles, sheets, structures and other products.

    The abrasive stream generated by the turbines cleans and roughens the surface to be treated.

    The abrasive collection and recovery system ensures closed-loop circulation and efficient dust separation.

    Dust is filtered out, so the working environment is always spotlessly clean and meets the highest standards.

    Width of inlet opening

    500 to 4500 mm

    Height of inlet opening

    100 to 4500 mm

    Installed power

    8 to 195 kW

    Conveyor length

    6 to 30 m

    Automatic shot-blasting machines and lines

    Raw metal is stored outdoors, optimising the usable floor space

    High plant reliability eliminates production downtime

    Reliable air filtration and a clean working environment

    2 year guarantee applies

    Eliminates the human factor from the production process, resulting in extremely high efficiency

    Equipment is delivered by standard land transport

    Technological features

    • Long-life shot-flow turbines
    • Shot-blasting chamber in armour steel
    • Transverse loading/unloading conveyor
    • Shot Discharge Lift Table
    • Frequency converters for operation in smoother mode
    • Brush chamber with efficient blowing – air blades
    • Air filtration unit with integrated second stage filter
    • Automatic control
    • Monitoring production efficiency
    • Additional manual participation chamber on the discharge conveyor
    • Shot collection trough under the discharge conveyor
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      Operating principle