We design and manufacture shot-blast chambers

  • Integration with vertical conveyor
  • Parts transportation by rail
  • Opening camera roof
  • Horizontal airflow direction for efficient filtration
  • Installed in a recessed position in the foundation or on a level workshop floor
  • 2 types of abrasives available
  • 2 simultaneously working operators available
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    About shot-blasting cameras

    Designed to treat welded metal structures with an air-abrasive mixture, with the operator directing the abrasive stream towards the workpiece to be cleaned. The main advantage of the shot-blasting chamber is that the abrasive can be used for up to 800 cycles in a closed cycle, i.e. the sprayed abrasive materials are automatically collected, recovered (separated from debris or dust), and are newly prepared for use in the sandblasting vessels (pressure vessels). The chamber also isolates the noise, the air filtration unit ventilates the dust generated during the shot-blasting technological process, and the efficient lighting allows the operator to efficiently treat the surface of the part and obtain the required surface parameters (roughness).


    3 to 8 m


    2 to 9 m

    Installed power

    3 to 47 kW


    3 to 30 m

    Shot-blasting chambers

    Optimising labour costs

    High ratio of work efficiency to surface quality

    Clean and safe working environment

    Modular units or chamber up to turnkey

    A 2-year warranty ensures long service life and reduced maintenance costs

    Elimination of production downtime due to high tooling reliability

    Technological features

    • Mechanical abrasive collection system
    • Reliable and long-lasting sandblasters
    • Protective rubber for camera walls
    • Rubber-protected manual/automatic gates
    • Staff door with process inspection window
    • Minimum costs for foundation installation works
    • LED luminaires protected by tempered glass
    • 1/2 workstation options for operators
    • Ventilation caissons, ducts, integrated air filtration unit
    • Carriage with a winch
    • 2-stage Abrasive Recovery System
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      Operating principle