We design and manufacture equipment for shot-blasting chambers

  • Manual shot-blasting cabins
  • Air filtration devices
  • Automatic scraper assembly floors
  • Abrasive collection recovery units
  • Vacuum abrasive collection and recovery unit
  • Mobile abrasive collection unit
  • Galvanising/metallising units
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Parts electromechanical transportation carriage
  • Overhead type conveyor
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    About equipment for shot-blasting chambers

    If required, we can adapt the modular shot-blasting machines to your existing technological equipment, whether for modernisation or for greater efficiency in production. The devices are compatible not only with our shot-blasting chambers, but also with your existing technological equipment. Powerful air filtration units ensure the required speed of air velocity and a clean working environment. Automatic abrasive collection floors increase the efficiency of the shot-blasting process by up to 4 times, while the powered carriage ensures comfortable and continuous movement of parts. High-quality and certified sandblasters ensure a continuous blasting process and a safe working environment for the operator. A robust camera frame with sound insulation panels will reduce noise in the room and LED lighting will improve visibility for the operator.

    Technological features

    • LED luminaires
    • Manual or automatic rolling gates
    • Staff door with emergency exit lamp
    • Protective rubber for camera walls
    • Ventilators
    • Caissons and ducts for ventilation systems
    • Operator safety measures
    • Steel grilles
    • Camera metal frame
    • Rails for transporting parts in the chamber
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