We sell shot-blasting and coating equipment

  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Paint termination walls
  • Steel split and round shot;
  • Ventilators
  • Chopped wire abrasive
  • Rubber hoses
  • Filtration cartridges
  • LED luminaires
  • Quality control and measuring instruments
  • 1 component coating equipment
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    About shot-blasting and coating equipment

    We sell quality abrasives of various types (steel and chopped wire, corundum or glass ceramic), supply spare parts, and carry out technical servicing of equipment. We represent the world’s leading manufacturers with many years of experience in the production of pressure vessels and coating machines.

    Technological features

    • Abrasive hardness GP (42-52 HRC); GL (53-60 HRC); GH (60-64 HRC);
    • Shot-blasting nozzles, connectors
    • Various accessories, nozzles
    • Rubber hoses
    • Rubber curtains for the walls of the blasting-chamber
    • Filters
    • Accessories
    • Safety precautions for shot-blaster work
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