We design and manufacture coating chambers

  • For the metalworking industry
  • For the wood staining industry
  • For the automotive industry
  • Reliable and efficient heat exchangers
  • Durable air preparation and ventilation units
  • Integration of pneumatic lifting platforms
  • Installation on a level room floor or in a concrete foundation
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    About the coating chambers

    Industrial coating chambers are a professional solution for coating a wide range of surfaces. Coating-drying chambers consist of two main modules – a metal frame with insulated walls and ceiling, and a heating-cooling-ventilation unit mounted next to or on top of the chamber roof. During the coating technological processes in the closed chamber – the vertical airflow in the coating chamber ensures the durability of the paint coating and the flawless quality of the surface. The part is transported to the chamber using mechanical carriages or a vertical conveyor with a telpher. The gates are mounted at the front or back of the chamber, at either end. The air is fed through the ceiling, exhausted through the floor or through the back wall, depending on the production technology. Efficient ventilation and lighting in the chamber ensure safe and ergonomic working conditions for the painter.


    3 to 8 m


    3 to 8 m

    Air Flow Direction

    vertical / horizontal


    5 to 35 m

    Coating-drying chambers

    Optimal drying cycle interval

    Efficient energy consumption

    The best chamber thermal insulation on the market

    Integrated PLC – more than 30 control program modes

    Synchronised control of drying temperature and ventilation

    Ventilation with heat recovery – up to 60% reduction in energy costs

    For use with all industrial paint types.

    Energy source for the heat exchanger – natural gas, diesel, electricity

    Technological features

    • ATEX certification according to customer requirements
    • The structure is insulated with stone wool sandwich panels
    • Ceiling-mounted air supply design with M5 filters
    • Floor-mounted air extraction structure with grille, fibreglass and corrugated cardboard filters
    • The housing is insulated with stone wool sandwich panels
    • Swing or automatic rolling gates
    • Ceiling and side LED lighting on both sides of the camera
    • Integration with vertical conveyor
    • Vertical or horizontal airflow direction for efficient ventilation
    • Installed in a recessed position in the foundation or on a level workshop floor
    • Efficient heat recovery for energy cost savings
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