We design and manufacture powder coating equipment

  • Coating chambers – manual/automatic
  • Powder paint polymerisation furnaces
  • Mobile coating walls
  • Paint preparation centres
  • Electrostatic spray guns
  • Robots – Manipulators for automatic painting
  • Conveyor systems for transporting parts
  • Chemical preparation chambers – automatic/manual
  • Individual layout of the production line according to customer requirements
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    About powder coating equipment

    Powder coating technology is gaining popularity in industry. Powder coating is designed to protect metal surfaces against corrosion and is characterised by a high-quality surface finish, a smooth surface and a long surface life. Before coating, the metal surface shall be treated in a shot-blasting chamber or by chemical treatment. In the coating chamber, the surface of the part is electrostatically coated. The polymerisation process takes place in a frying oven at a high temperature of 220 ºC. The powder coating equipment can be integrated into a single production line consisting of a conveyor system for transporting parts, a surface preparation chamber, a coating chamber, and a paint polymerisation furnace.

    Width of workpiece

    0,2 to 8 m

    Height of workpiece

    0,2 to 6 m


    customised conveyor system solution

    Production line length

    5 to 80 m

    Technological equipment for powder coating

    Optimum polymerisation interval of the dye

    Efficient energy consumption

    The best value for money on the market

    Integrated PLC – more than 20 control program modes

    Individual parts transport conveyor

    Ventilation with heat recovery – up to 60% reduction in energy costs

    Quality electrostatic coating machine

    Energy source for the heat exchanger – natural gas, diesel, electricity

    Technological features

    • ATEX certification according to customer requirements;
    • Polymerisation temperature of dyes: 220 ºC max;
    • Colour change function for up to 30 min;
    • The body of the coating chamber or polymerasitic furnace is insulated with stone wool sandwich panels
    • Swing gates
    • Integration with vertical overhead conveyor
    • Manual, automatic, semi-automatic conveyor
    • Hot water heat exchanger or diesel/gas burner
    • LED lighting
    • Loading and unloading station with electronic telphers
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