Shot blasting is applied to process both ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

The casting industry produces parts in cast iron, steel, brass, aluminium, bronze, copper, etc., with a wide range of application covering many sectors.

Cast iron parts: discs, hubs, housings, valves for agriculture, mining machinery components, infrastructure components, parts for oil, gas, shipbuilding, railways, etc.

Steel castings: for the automotive sector, agriculture, military and shipbuilding, machinery, etc.

Brass castings: taps, fittings, valves, plumbing components, etc.

Aluminium castings: housings, wheels, components for the automotive industry, etc.

Fundamental objective of shot blasting the castings: removal of moulding sand, oxides; surface preparation for painting, removal of flaps and gates.

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    GTV BLAST designs and manufactures equipment for shot blasting of castings:

    • Drum shot blasting machines with rotating rubber belt
    • Drum shot blasting machines with rotating steel belt
    • Shot blasting machines with rotary table
    • Shot blasting machines with hook
    • Carousel shotblasting machines with swivel hook
    • Tunnel shotblasting machines
    • Blast rooms

    A magnetic separator is often used to separate the moulding sand in our shot blasting machines.

    The shot blasting of some non-ferrous metals produces explosive dust mixtures, in such case special filters for explosive dust must be used, the filters must comply with ATEX standard.

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