In vehicle manufacturing and repair, major emphasis is on the protection of metal surfaces against corrosion, durable coatings and aesthetic appeal. Surface preparation and coating are important for the manufacture and repair of semi-trailers, road maintenance equipment, buses, trams, rail vehicles, wagons, sea containers, aircraft and water vehicles.

Vehicles are exposed to natural conditions and dynamic loads, so the adhesion of coatings to the surface and their durability are at the key importance. To achieve this, not only of the best quality and reliable coatings are required, but also effective surface preparation is essential. An important prerequisite for shot blasting is to increase the surface area to be coated, i.e. to give the surface a higher roughness intensity.

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    GTV BLAST designs and manufactures equipment for the shot blasting and painting of vehicles:

    • Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor
    • Tunnel shot blasting machines with overhead conveyor
    • Shot blasting machines with hook
    • Blast Rooms
    • Painting booths
    • Heating-ventilation equipment for paint shops 
    • Powder painting booths and ovens

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