Pipelines and engineering systems require extremely reliable and durable coatings. Complex working environments (in the ground, water or outside) place higher demands on the resistance of pipeline and engineering system coatings to environmental impact. These are often thick, multi-layer, composite coatings. Such coatings require special surface preparation to achieve high roughness depth and intensity ration. As a prerequisite for reliable adhesion of the coating, the surface roughness should be at least 30% of the coating thickness. Special abrasives are used in order to achieve higher roughness, as the shot blasting is carried out at higher abrasive speeds.

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    GTV BLAST designs and manufactures equipment for the shot blasting and painting of pipelines and engineering systems:

    • Pipe shot blasting machines
    • Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor
    • Pipe internal shot blasting machines
    • Blast rooms
    • Painting booths
    • Heating-ventilation equipment for paint shops 
    • Powder painting booths and ovens

    Do you have a need? Get in touch. We know what you need for quality preparation and coating of metal surfaces