A well-developed infrastructure not only makes people’s lives more comfortable, but also safer. The businesses responsible for the proper deployment of infrastructure – and the production of certain components – create the future, help society function, and secure the present. It is true that infrastructure, whatever its components (engineering networks, communications, utilities, public utilities, shopping and other facilities needed to provide services to the population or to improve the quality of the environment), is inseparable from certain components, which are made from high-quality raw materials: metal, steel, wood…

TG Technika UAB’s specialists are partly involved in the development of a suitable infrastructure, designing and manufacturing a wide range of equipment that can help to process the surfaces of certain raw materials. These are used to produce components for train stations, ports, petrol stations and other structures and objects. Our focus is B2B infrastructure development – constantly improving and looking for quality to meet the needs of both large and small businesses.

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    Out Key product categories:

    • Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor
    • Tunnel shot blasting machines with overhead conveyor
    • Shot blasting machines with hook (for small structures)
    • Blast rooms
    • Painting booths
    • Heating-ventilation equipment for paint shops
    • Powder painting booths and ovens

    Do you have a need? Get in touch. We know what you need for quality preparation and coating of metal surfaces